Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Thinking Of Moving To Redford Michigan? Read This First!

This blog will be a place where individuals can make suggestions, comments and complaints about the City of Redford Michigan. I got the inspiration to start this site mainly because of a very disheartening experience that I had with the City Of Redford Michigan's sidewalk program. I feel the need to share with all the potential buyers that the City Of Redford does not appear to respect or care about it's citizens. If you are thinking of making a home here perhaps you should do your research and think twice...

The following is a letter that was sent to me just today from the head of the Building Department Al Hoard. As you can tell the wording is very strong, and it shows you how much they value their tax paying citizens and a loyal resident of city for over 6 years!

"I have received your correspondence regarding the recent sidewalk which has been replaced on public property abutting your property. The sidewalk replaced was because of the hazardous nature of your sidewalk. The Redford Township Sidewalk program is under strict requirements to mark, tear out, and replace all sidewalks that meet our strict definition of (hazardous). This list of conditions which constitutes a hazardous sidewalk have been created from all documented trip and fall payouts that have occurred within Redford Township. Therefore, the sidewalk that was removed was required to be removed. When we replace new sidewalks, we also have to be very careful of drainage of storm water. Therefore, to ensure the safety of your new sidewalk, the elevation had to be lifted and water had to be directed towards the road. Any work or alterations to your fence that were caused by the replacement of your sidewalk is your cost and must be incurred by you. If the soil that was placed around the sidewalk was done so in a manner that it lies directly against your privacy fence and if you are worried about your privacy fence rotting, I would suggest that you would refer to the specifications required for installation of new privacy fences in Redford. New fences are required to have water resistance (treated) lumber to avoid any rotting concerns. If your gate does not work properly - fix it. I will have to recommend that if you intend to alter your fence in any way it will require a permit from the Building Department. The application is available on our website. I would like to make it very clear that Redford Township's Sidewalk Program is not obligated to reimburse you for any of these costs. I hope this validates any questions that you might have. Consider this your last correspondence from this Department regarding this matter,"

First and foremost, I was lied to straight to my face by the head of the sidewalk department one day before the installation of the sidewalk began. I met with him at my house and I expressed my concerns about the sidewalk, namely that I did not want the whole thing replaced as part of the sidewalk was completely in tack, in great shape and not marked to be taken out or could in anyway be considered "hazardous".

He informed me that it wouldn't be a problem and they would only replace only the ones that were marked and actually needed to be replaced.... the next day I woke up and the city's work crew was tearing the whole thing out. As you can see from the picture above the sidewalk is in great shape and CLEARLY NOT MARKED!

Now take a look at the picture below and notice that they stopped at the end of my property line and sloped the sidewalk down to my beginning of my neighbor's sidewalk (which is the original height of the sidewalk that they tore out and didn't need to be replaced). In effect, this will not only cause a possible hazardous icy condition in the winter due to the pitch of the sidewalk, but will cause the water to drain into my own and or my now lower neighbor's property. Not mention the future damage done to the fence and gate that the city member above expects me to just "fix it" and pull a costly permit at my own expense.

Not only this, but they raised the sidewalk so much that my new 6' high $3,000 cedar fence that was put up very recently was now a nearly a 5-1/2' fence! They dumped a bunch of dirt up against the fence which will cause the 1" x 6" flat surfaced dog-eared cedar boards to rot much sooner than if they were above ground like the fence was intended to be. If that wasn't enough my walk gate will not open up completely. The gate now scrapes on the new sidewalk and will get even worse when the winter hits and snow piles up. As you can see from the response above they just don't seem to care. I pulled a permit for this cedar fence and they gave no warning that the sidewalk was going to be raised so dramatically and cause such problems.

Do you have a problem with the sidewalk project here in Redford, Michigan? I noticed that all around my neighborhood most of the sidewalk was completely replaced even the ones that weren't marked... Don't let the city take your hard earned money for unnecessary projects! Please feel free to leave a comment here at the site or you can contact me though e-mail here!

If you would like to complain to the building department or would like to post your story about Redford Michigan you can e-mail here! To contact them by phone direct the number is 313-387-2680.